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60% say many physicians will retire from medicine early within next 3 years
Am I surprised? Absolutely not.  If some one (a group of people, an administration, a board, panel, or bureaucrat ) was about to be put in a position of being able to tell me how to run my professional life after having gone through at minimum 7 years of higher education I wouldn't be to happy about it either.  ", liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.." it not akin to dictation, servitude, and being maligned. People should be allowed to go after what they want as long as it falls in the realm of law.  And as an American that law should not dictate to you as an individual how to run your business, life, or life long goals.  Obamacare is not what this country was built on or stands for.  It should be repealed and a Constitutional Amendment should be proposed to prevent such slavish things from happening legislatively in the the future.  Where are the conservative/originalists in this matter.  Rubio, Cruze, King et al I'm looking at you and your group. 

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